We're Hooked On ReLoop Knits

Sinead taught herself to crochet during the first lockdown. She took her creativity beyond the fashion world and began experimenting with textiles like plastic bags, cotton t-shirts, and denim! We're so happy to feature Sinead's creations during our self-proclaimed Denim Month and get insight from someone inside the fashion industry making change by hand.

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As someone who knits and crochets, how did you start working with denim? 

I taught myself how to crochet during the first lockdown and found it very therapeutic. It’s a great way to practice mindfulness and be present. Working in fashion, I have seen first-hand the amount of waste produced and after doing an online course in Fashion and Sustainability I became interested in circularity. I saw the different ways crafters were using waste to produce new items and wanted to have a go myself. I’ve worked with denim, jersey and plastic bags but have been particularly drawn to the effect of denim. Additionally, I’ve had so many of my friends donating old jeans and so a surplus of material to use!

Why do you feel it’s important to focus on circularity and repurposing? 

Fashion has a huge waste problem. Around 350,000 tonnes of clothes go to landfill every

year in the UK. Repurposing is a great way to extend the life of textiles that would ultimately go to landfill. Extending the life of clothes by an extra nine months reduces its carbon, water, and waste footprint by around 20-30% each. But most importantly we need to buy less and use materials that can naturally be recycled, moving away from a linear toward a circular garment life-cycle.

Is there something new you learned about yourself, clothing, or consumerism

while in the process of upcycling? 

Upcycling has shown how resourceful one can be, and has forced me to be creative and

problem solve. I’ve really enjoyed the process. I’m a perfectionist and so the hardest thing

for me has been not being able to create a flawlessly neat product. However, I’ve learned to embrace the imperfections that come with using recycled materials, and have found different solutions to beat design problems, which has been fun. What’s also great about crochet and knitting is if you’re unhappy with something, you can unravel the yarn and start again. I’m reworking and updating projects I made last year, meaning I get something new without using any new materials.

What’s been your favorite repurposing project? And why is it special to you? 

I’ve enjoyed them all and learned from each one. But I think my first experience in working

with denim to make a denim bag was really exciting. It was also the first bag I had made. I

really loved how it turned out and knew I wanted to keep working with denim.